The MaffeisNetwork SA, Marketing and Communications, Lugano, plays an active role in the fields of philanthropy and solidarity by supporting humanitarian initiatives and projects from non-profit organizations. For us it is fundamental to have a solidarity-oriented attitude, with sensitivity and generosity as core values. Our activities aim at supporting fundamental human needs, through the realization of concrete projects.

Since 2011, we have been responsible of the complete organization and management of the Peace World Forum, an important recurring event created to spread the culture of peace and solidarity among all the generations, with the participation of internationally known lecturers. Furthermore, we also invest in the training of young people. Indeed, during these five years, we have trained more than 30 young interns, offering them the opportunity to enter the work market.

MaffeisNetwork SA persistently supports its mission by supporting the “Culture Ticino Network” Association thanks to Margherita Maffeis, president and founder. For additional information, please visit the association’s website:

A concrete example of MaffeisNetwork’s real philanthropic spirit can be seen in the realization of the fundraising project that allowed the acquisition of a minivan (delivered this May 29th, 2015) which will provide the opportunity for many people with disabilities and low income to move and reach the Daily Center GenerazionePiù and other centers of Lugano.

The project has been a great success: MaffeisNetwork, with the help of Association Culture Ticino Network and other partners, managed to raise the funds needed for the realization of this van.