S.O.S Apprenticeship is a service that started in 2015, from the collaboration between MaffeisNetwork SA and the Swiss Foundation for the Youth’s Professional Support and in 2018 MaffeisNetwork SA took it over, extended it and changed the name. The project rest on a proved, local and national, experience, with a quality recognition in more than 14 year of activity and successes. S.O.S Apprenticeship is an employment, training and coaching personalized service for young persons between 15 and 30 years old. Beside the normal employment service, it offers indeed the opportunity to be followed during the entire educational path, becoming for the young persons a point of support and reference until the diploma’s day. During the meetings people will learn how to set goals, how to work on self-esteem, how to change in order to obtain the success, how to properly manage the time and how to set new goals. The service is thought for all the young persons that are finishing the compulsory schooling and the ones who are looking for a professional re-qualification.


S.O.S. JOB is a tailored advisory and employment service, offered by MaffeisNetwork SA and thought for adults. The service is addressed to all persons looking for a job, taking care with professionality and experience of those who are looking for their first employment, of those looking for new professional challenges and those who desire to return back to the job world after an inactivity period. Every single person is personally supervised, encouraging personal contact and, thanks to the repeated meetings, goals and strategies will be developed togheter. The employment service  is at national level extended.


The new service proposed by MaffeisNetwork SA is thought for all firms, in Swiss territory, that look for a territorial partner that can manage some of their activities in the Ticino Canton. We ensure the clients the professionality and experience that, from 11 years, characterize us, in a safe and reliable management, moreover thanks our good knowing of the territory and foreign languages, in order to drive their businesses through a functional and efficient outsourcing process. Through our service we provide to our partners different advantages, allowing the firm to operate without social and insurance costs, that will be covered by MaffeisNetwork SA.


Services of MaffeisNetwork SA are the results of many years of experience in many different fields. We take care of your projects, from conception to realization. Here under our services:


  • Custom tailored marketing solutions
  • Corporate design
  • Advertising Communication
  • Exclusive broadcast on Web Television platforms
  • Videos Production
  • Professional Public Relations and Press Office
  • Interviews and editorials drafting
  • IT Consulting, support and website creation
  • Complete organization of any kind of events (corporate, private, cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, seminars, forums and more)
  • Health-related workshops for companies’ employees and schools